The STAR Method: Amplify Your Job Interview Performance

Join thousands of people who know how to ace a job interview



Maximize your interview readiness with practice sessions tailored to real-world scenarios.


Minutes Practiced

With options starting at the price of a coffee, you have no excuse to not practice, even just for an hour or two, for your interview.


Aced Job Interviews

STAR Method coach is a new product, so this number might look small. We look forward to adding your success.

Only have a couple of hours to prepare for an interview? We've got you covered.

Realistic AI Interactions

Tailored to your Job

Direct Feedback

Mindblowing Results


Generate Interview Questions

Most people use our Job Description upload feature to generate questions that have a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of being asked in your interview. We also support resume uploads, custom questions, and a list of popular questions.


Start with Coach Mode

Coach mode acts like your very own STAR Method career coach. As you answer the questions, the AI coach will guide you through each step of STAR. The AI coach will also help you polish your responses.


Graduate to Interview Mode

Interview mode is the closest experience to a real interview. You will be asked questions and you will have to respond to them. The AI will provide feedback on your responses, but only at the end.


Track Progress, Improve, Earn Some Badges

After each interview, you will be able to see your progress. You will also be able to see how you are improving across time. You will earn badges for completing interviews, improving your responses, and more.

Why choose us?

Learn the technique taught in business schools

Upload a job description or resume to generate a personalized list of potential questions. Or, choose from one of ours. Our app shows you how to present your best self in an interactive feel-real environment.

Gain Confidence

Receive tailored feedback based on your answers, hone your story-telling. Practice to poise under pressure to gain confidence and be ready to ace any interview.

Get The Job

That's what this is all about. We built this tool to demystify the right way to present yourself in a job interview. So that you can get the job.


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