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Ace behavioral interviews with the STAR Method

STAR Method Coach is the fast, easy AI interview prep tool that takes your behavioral interview performance from tired to hired.

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Prepare common behavioral interview questions for many industries. Or create your own from resume or job description.


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This isn't a boring online course — you answer real-world, job-specific interview questions and get instant feedback on how to improve.



Unlike interview coaches, our AI-based coaching system is ready-to-go whenever you are — no scheduling, no waiting, no hefty price tag.


Job Titles, Companies and Skills

We have premade behavioral question sets for: consulting, leadership, nursing, customer service, product managers, software engineers, and many more.

Why the STAR Method for behavioral interviewing?

The STAR Method — Situation, Task, Action, and Result — is a powerful and proven interview technique that will make you stand out to interviewers. Here's a quick example of what it looks like:

Interview Question: Can you tell me about a time you had to implement a marketing strategy?

Basic Response: During our company's launch of Product X, I built out the full marketing strategy with the majority of our ad spend focused on Google and social channels.

STAR Response: Our execs wanted to use the launch of Product X to tap into a new customer base, and I was tasked with managing the launch promotion. I determined that this target group could be best reached via Google and social ads, so I focused our strategy on those channels and won 13 net-new customers in the first 30 days.

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How It Works


Generate Interview Questions

Pull up a list of likely interview questions by selecting your target job title, company, or skill. For an even more customized approach, you can upload your resume, the job description, or your own list of questions.

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Practice with Coach Mode

Choose a question and record your response. Your AI interviewer will then workshop your response with you, covering the entire STAR process and allowing you to record additional details until each step is clearly addressed.


Test Yourself in Interview Mode

Once your responses are ready, it's time to put them to the test. In Interview Mode you'll have a back-and-forth conversation with your AI interviewer, with smart follow-up questions that build upon your prior statements.


See Personalized Scores & Tips

After each interview you'll get a detailed performance report outlining your response scores, as well as some improvement recommendations. Earn badges for completing interviews and improving your scores over time.


Realistic Interactions

Tailored to your Job

Detailed Feedback

Immediate Results

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Double your interview skills in 1 hour with STAR

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Why choose us?

Learn the technique taught in business schools

We didn't invent the STAR Method, we've just made it easier to learn than ever before. With our platform you'll master the technique that's touted in MBA programs across the world.

Improve your interview confidence

It’s not just about crafting prepared responses to the common questions. You’ll also be training your brain to clearly and confidently answer any question they might send your way.

Be the one they remember

Many candidates won't invest the time to learn the STAR Method and it shows in the interview. We built this tool to help you be the one who stands out from the pack and gets the job.


Hear how we’ve helped real job seekers just like you.

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Double your interview skills in 1 hour with STAR

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