Hi, I'm Michael, the founder of StarMethod.Coach. I started this company to help job seekers like you master the art of behavioral interviewing. When looking for good problems to solve with AI, I was very impressed with AI's ability to help me develop my thoughts and articulate them clearly. With practice and repetition. I thought how helpful this sort of practice had been in my own life, preparing with a coach to get ready for interviews. I wanted to make that kind of practice available to everyone.


With StarMethod.Coach, you can:

  • Receive instant AI feedback on your interview responses
  • Learn how to structure winning STAR stories
  • Reduce stress by conducting mock interviews from anywhere
  • Get the preparation you need to ace interviews
  • Access a library of 100+ behavioral questions to practice

I invite you to join the many candidates who have already benefited from our AI interview prep. Sign up for a free account today to start honing your skills!


Reach out to say hello at [email protected]